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Posted: Friday, August 16, 2002

The Alaska Republican primary is where the action is on Aug. 27.

Twenty-two of the 31 contested primary races are on the Republican ballot. The other five primary ballots are either nearly blank or at least mostly void of contested races. The Division of Elections has not omitted anyone - no one filed for most offices on the other five ballots. The Libertarians and the (so-called) Republican Moderates have no contested races. The Green Party and the AIP each has a single contested race. The once-mighty Alaska Democratic Party has only seven contested races.

Hundreds of Alaskans changed their voter registration prior to July 28 so they could participate in selecting Republican nominees for the general election. In the five weeks prior to the deadline, Republican registrations increased 974; undeclared and nonpartisan registrations increased 3,001. The Green, Libertarian and Alaska Independence parties lost a combined 782 registrations. The Alaska Democratic Party lost a net 24 registrations. Why?

The Alaska Republican Primary is where the action is on Aug. 27.

Democrats complain about this primary process. They remind me of the lawyer's guidance - if you have good facts in a case, you argue the facts; if you have bad facts, you argue the law. If you have bad facts and bad law, you play on the sympathy of the jury. The Democrats have terrible primary facts.

Lt. Gov. Fran Ulmer doesn't say much about her federal candidates - Theresa Nangle Obermeyer or Frank J. Vondersaar for U.S. Senate and Clifford Mark Green for U.S. Congress. She doesn't want to talk about the fact that 21 state House and Senate seats have no Democrat candidates. Remember, the Democrats paired 20 Republicans in their highly partisan 2001 redistricting attack. Now they have failed to cover their huge bet - they could not recruit a single Democrat to run for election in 21 House and Senate seats.

I totally agree with Fran Ulmer's strategy - I would not talk about these terrible Alaska Democrat Party facts either. Like the lawyer's guidance above, Fran Ulmer is attacking the process - because that is all she has to talk about.

On Aug. 27, 2002, 77 percent of registered Alaska voters (Republican, undeclared and nonpartisan) will select the Republican nominees for the general election. The process will not select many Democrat Party nominees because they failed to file candidates before June 1, 2002.

Remember to request the Republican ballot and vote in the primary election on or before Aug. 27.

Randy Ruedrich

Chairman Republican Party of Alaska


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