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Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This is an open letter to those who oppose the Juneau Access Project.

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I've read your letters in this column, I've heard your statements to the media, and I've listened to your testimony to the Assembly. You are always quick to provide a long list of emotional reasons why you think the road should not be built, but in most instances the only alternative you suggest is to "make the ferry system better." That's a wonderful feel-good statement, but I have yet to see much more than this vague pie-in-the-sky vision for what we should be doing instead. Saying that we should improve the system doesn't really say anything at all.

So if you have specific details on what "better" or "improve" means then please share it with us. I challenge you to come up with a detailed proposal for improving the ferry system. One that will accommodate the individualized needs and budgets of everyone, be practical to implement, and above all be economically feasible.

So let's hear it - "Where's the beef?"

Patrick M. Cuddihy

Auke Bay

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