Measure 2 is fair

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Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2006

If you really believe all the propaganda coming from the No-on-2 machine then call me, because I have a "bridge to nowhere" to sell you. The idea that charging $50 for cruise ship passengers will somehow kill local business is not only wrong, it's just plain crazy talk.

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First of all, the $50 goes right back to support the cruise industry. This means tourists and not Alaskans will pay for the infrastructure used by our visitors. Sounds like a better deal for Alaska to me. If approved by voters, Ballot Measure 2 will also have the cruise ships sailing in Alaska's waters paying the same taxes that Alaskan businesses pay. This sounds fair to me. Finally, the cruise ships will have to comply with the same wastewater permitting and dumping regulations that Alaskans do. This also seems fair to me.

Next time you hear or see one of those slick ads (paid for by a foreign organization) telling you that Ballot Measure 2 is bad for Alaska business, you will know the truth. It's not really bad for business; it's actually good for Alaska. Vote yes on 2, because it's fair for all Alaskans.

Fred Sturman


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