Road access is key to keeping the capital in Juneau

Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2007

It appears from the Empire's Sunday editorial that the writer has not been reading his or her own newspaper. The editorial states, "We also have a gold mine bringing in hundreds of new jobs." Everyone knows that the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council has gotten a California court to invalidate the permit that would allow the mine to operate.

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The advertisements that appear on the bottom half of page C2 in the Sunday paper show a miner whose job is in jeopardy. These expensive ads appear regularly. Is it because the paper is profiting from the dispute that it has remained silent on the issue, never calling on SEACC to drop its lawsuit?

Writing an editorial about making Juneau a better capital without mentioning Juneau access illustrates the paper's disconnect to the issues. There are public buildings in the works for Anchorage that could quickly provide convenient space for legislative sessions. As long as Juneau's mayor and legislative delegation continue to oppose road access, indicating to the people of Alaska that they do not want them to have easier access to the capital, we are going to have a problem with capital/legislative-move issues.

Rick Urion


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