Local business owners 'should have treated me better'

Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2007

I read the letter ("Cartoon was insulting to Don Abel, locally minded businesses," July 24) from Murlin Everson who was upset about the cartoon that showed Don Abel "sneaking" out of Home Depot.

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He said the cartoon was disgraceful and the Juneau Empire should apologize. I found the cartoon funny and feel sorry for people who have no sense of humor and take things much too personally.

I shop at Don Abel's and also welcome Home Depot. I was there for their grand opening and found stuff I needed in many varieties. I did not have to order them; thus, I finished projects that had been delayed for some time because items were "on order."

I support local business as much as I can but don't appreciate the "one-way street" attitude many of them have. Up until two or three weeks before the Home Depot opening, you could walk around a store and never even be greeted much less helped unless you went and found someone to help you. The prices didn't fall until the night before Home Depot opened - those same prices that jumped immediately after Kmart closed.

So to Home Depot: Welcome to Juneau. To the locals who took advantage until the competition came to town, I can only say six words: You should have treated me better.

Bruce Hale


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