Recording of shooting released

Clevenger is heard telling Sgt. Hatch, 'Kill me. I want to die'

Posted: Thursday, August 16, 2007

Juneau police on Wednesday released a recording of the conversation between an officer and the man he fatally shot Friday at Thunder Mountain Mobile Park.

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Randall Clevenger, 40, was wielding a sword and asking Sgt. Paul Hatch to kill him just before the officer opened fire.

No other officers witnessed the shooting. Hatch arrived on the scene after police received multiple calls from people who said Clevenger was threatening a woman with a knife.

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For a recording of the conversation between Randall Clevenger and Sgt. Paul Hatch before the shooting, click here.

An investigation conducted by the Juneau Police Department and reviewed by Juneau District Attorney Doug Gardner concluded that Hatch justifiably shot Clevenger from a distance of 5 feet, 8 minutes and 58 seconds into the police response.

In the recording, Hatch is heard telling Clevenger to drop the sword at least 19 times in 25 seconds. Clevenger is heard asking Hatch to kill him at least seven times before being shot.

Seven seconds after Hatch caught the domestic violence suspect on a narrow trail behind a hill at the end of Valley Boulevard, Clevenger said, "Kill me. I want to die."

Two seconds later, Hatch told Clevenger to put the sword down. He immediately repeated that five more times.

"Put it down sir," Hatch said. "Drop that now. Drop that now. Drop it now. Do it now. Drop it."

"Kill me," Clevenger replied.

For 16 seconds more, Hatch and Clevenger exchanged the same words again and again.

Forty-four seconds after catching up with Clevenger, Hatch fired three times quickly with a .40-caliber pistol.

The tape revealed that Hatch called for emergency backup and an ambulance within a second of firing his handgun, when he began to administer CPR.

Clevenger died seconds later.

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