Thanks for support on my 3-Day walk

Posted: Sunday, August 16, 2009

As I embark on my fifth Susan G. Komen 3-Day breast cancer walk, I have 60 miles to reflect on this journey. I hold on to all the community members that shared their personal stories of their loved ones who they have lost tragically to this dreadful disease and the ones that have triumphed and are in remission.

I feel the hugs from all the garage sales and silent auction fundraising events that we hosted throughout Juneau. I will hear your sweet voices in my ears when my leg muscles want to quit on me. I feel victory for you, the loved ones we lost and the loved ones we are blessed to still have here with us.

I could not travel this great nation of ours without your support emotionally, spiritually or financially. I have taken each and every one of you with me first to Seattle, then Boston, Tampa, San Francisco and most recent the Twin Cities. You have all been such an integral part of my commitment to raise awareness, and to find a cure for breast cancer. I especially want to thank my top donor who through these five years has been eager and willing to continually support me through a large financial donation. They are the foundation to my yearly journey; they are Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute! Together we will make a difference.

Genevieve McLaughlin


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