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Posted: Sunday, August 17, 2003

Here's more brand-new nonfiction at the Juneau Public Library:

"The Wine Bible," by Karen MacNeil If you've just been pretending suave sophistication where wine is concerned, take a look at this book. Nearly a thousand pages of wine expertise will turn you into as much of a wine connoisseur as you want to become. With chapters on choosing, storing and tasting wines. It has information on the countries that produce wine and brief forays into the realm of wine glasses, bottles and truffles. This is a delightful and informative read on a potentially intimidating subject.

"Country Music USA," by Bill C. Malone Considered the definitive history of American country music, this book follows the evolution of country music from the early "hillbilly" style to what we know today. Biographical sketches include everyone from Lefty Frizzell and Hank Willams to Dolly Parton and Randy Travis.

"Women on War," by Daniela Gioseffi Wherever and whenever there have been wars, there have been commentators, and many of those have been women. Here, collected in one volume, is a selection of women writers' war experiences and thoughts from ancient to modern times. Sumer, Russia, Cuba, America, Kosovo, Arabia, Nicaragua and more are represented in poetry, essay and story.

"The Illustrated History of Canada," edited by Craig Brown Want to know more about our oh-so-near neighbors? Here's the definitive history of Canada - readable, interesting and illustrated in both color and black and white. Each chapter is written by an expert on that chapter's topic. It is arranged chronologically. Topics include native cultures, fur trappers, colonization and U.S.-Canadian relations.

"30-Minute Rubber Stamp Workshop," by Sandra McCall Heads up, handmade Christmas gifters! This crafty little book is full of neat gift ideas that use a variety of rubber stamps and colorful inks and powders. Good photos illustrate the written instructions, and the appealing projects vary widely: jewelry holders, notebooks, pins and pendants, to name a few.

"The Complete Guide to Paintball" Whether you play paintball now, or would like to start, here's the guide for you. It's got all the info you need to get started, including choosing a gun, protective gear and learning the basic moves. For experienced players, there's a section on games and variations. For everyone, there's a substantial chapter on defensive skills, including the effective use of cover and the art of acting invisible.

"The Complete Book of Figure Skating," by Carol Shulman and "Coaching Hockey Successfully," by Dennis "Red" Gendron Get ready for the ice season with these two excellent offerings. "Skating" can be used by older skaters, their parents or coaches, and contains information on nutrition, weight training, stretching as well as basic, intermediate and advanced ice skating techniques. "Coaching" is, as the title says, aimed at coaches for hockey teams and covers drills, defensive, offensive and neutral-zone play.

"How to Read a Nautical Chart," by Nigel Calder Before you head off on your first big boat trip, study this book. It'll tell you whether your chosen path contains rocks, shipwrecks or buoys. It'll help you figure out whether the chart is showing water depth or current strength.

"Seaweeds," by David Thomas Though not specific to the coasts of Southeast (try Rita O'Clair's "Southeast Alaska's Rocky Shores: Seaweeds and Lichens" for local information), this is a great introductory book for seaweed enthusiasts and tidepoolers. Featuring plenty of color photos and good basic information on seaweed types. Its discussions on topics such as the range of temperatures seaweeds can survive in and what the different colors and shapes of seaweeds mean will have you looking at seaweed in a whole new light.

If you'd like to place a hold on any of these titles, call the Juneau Public Library at 586-5249. If you have internet access, your library card and a PIN, you may place your own holds by going to our Web site ( and looking at our catalogue. Placing holds on items featured here is now even easier. The new columns are hyperlinked to the catalogue: Simply look up the column, click on the title you want, and you will be ready to place a hold.

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