Glory Hole update

Posted: Sunday, August 17, 2003

I thought I should let you know what has happened at the Glory Hole since I appeared here a couple of week ago. First of all, a lot of really nice Juneau people called to offer their services to help me on Sundays.

I have the calendar full through the end of August. A few didn't show up, but most did and some have come back each week.

Then, money started coming in. So the bookkeeper can pay bills and may be able to pay staff and keep it open in September. On top of that, folks donated pretty tablecloths, lots of food, and Jeffus and Williams came and donated their expertise and fixed the phone system.

People are sometimes wonderful, and the people in Juneau are the best of all. So, thank you, Juneau.

Keep that money coming. The poor, hungry and homeless never really go away and the Glory Hole always needs your help.

God bless you,

Ellen Northup


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