More moorage for locals

Posted: Sunday, August 17, 2003

I have examined the Long Range (20-year) Waterfront Plan options for the City & Borough of Juneau and have given considerable thought to my responses.

We all know that boats are just as important as automobiles for Juneauites, but there is a tremendous shortage of boat mooring facilities. Rather than continue to spend money on improvements for strangers, I think it is high time to make improvements for residents. That's my rationale for the following:

1. Do not destroy any existing businesses or residences.

2. There are many Juneau residents who favor improvements for local use.

3. We don't need a 2 1/2-mile long seawalk.

4. We do need more boat harbors for moorage of small boats. The Douglas Harbor floats, etc., are out for bids, which will be a great help. The Amalga Harbor improvements are out for bid, but this could be enlarged for boat floats, etc. Indian Cove just west of the Auke Bay Ferry Terminal should be developed into a full-scale marina. Dredge the harbor to create more depth and use the material to create more upland parking and boat storage and install boat floats, etc. This project is sorely needed to alleviate the shortage for those Valley or area residents.

There are a few other areas that could be converted to mini marinas: near the little rock dump; northwest of Delta Western; North Douglas Island near the existing boat launch; Outer Point; and north Tee Harbor.

Clifford Berg


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