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Posted: Thursday, August 17, 2006

Insurance agencies relocate

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Two insurance agencies moved this month into one of Juneau's newest buildings, located near grocer Fred Meyer on Old Glacier Highway.

Spickler/Egan Financial Services and Title Insurance Agency, or TIA, are the new tenants of the blue 5,700-square-foot office constructed by steel builders North Pacific Erectors.

Northwind Architects designed the building by using "green" concepts, such as recycled materials.

The area is also seeing growth from a remodeling of Fred Meyer, which will include a branch of the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, and another building that recently opened next door, Southeast Alaska Veterinary Clinic.

Scott Spickler and Linda Egan are agents for New York Life and have been in business in Juneau for 25 years. TIA has been open for 40 years.

Chiropractor opens new clinic in Valley's Jordan Creek Center

Jennifer Jozwiak, who moved to Juneau from Moline, Ill., has opened her clinic, Chiropractic First, in the Mendenhall Valley's Jordan Creek Center.

Jozwiak has been working as a chiropractor for the past two years with Ron Lyss, a mentor, healer and teacher of the sacro-occipital technique. She also practices total body modification and neuro-emotional technique.

Those methods focus on treating the whole body in addition to adjusting the vertebrae and massaging reflex points corresponding to different organs and glands, according to Jozwiak.

Some of her clients were children with ear aches, seizures, learning disabilities and allergies, as well as women with hormone imbalances and fertility issues.

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