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Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007

This fall, the U.S. Congress will enact this nation's most important legislation affecting the environment, healthy food and our local communities. It's the 2007 Farm Bill, and now is our opportunity to end subsidy distortion, protect our farms and ranches from sprawl, support local and healthy foods, and protect our air, water and wildlife.

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Current subsidy programs encourage farmers to overproduce and waste taxpayer dollars. I support the Durbin-Brown Farm Safety Net Improvement Act (S. 1872), which would fundamentally change current subsidy programs and provide a real safety net for farmers when disasters like flood or drought hit. Payments would be based on a farmer's actual loss in revenue (price multiplied by yield) instead of drops in price alone. Instead of artificially depressing world crop prices and "planting for the program," farmers would plant based on market signals.

The Senate will begin writing their version of the farm bill when they return from recess in September. Please let them know you want farm and food policy that will support farmers and ranchers, our community, the environment and all Americans.

Nelle Jurgeleit-Greene


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