If you're a neocon, you can do no wrong by Lew

Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007

If the person is a neocon Republican, no matter what they do, it's inevitably OK with Lew Williams (Monday's "Be wary of Alaska reps' 'show' trials"). Williams excuses them up front and ahead of time - no checks or balances, no investigations or trials needed, thank you very much.

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In Monday's Empire, "Frank The Bank," arguably and statistically the worst governor in Alaskan history was "great" by Williams' standards. Williams used to rail against Murkowski's "radical liberal" detractors out to malign and get the poor, innocent guy, giving him that disastrous 19 percent approval rating, which cost him his last election.

Now, Williams believes the entire Alaska delegation is being maligned. Those poor innocent souls. How dare the feds even consider investigating or (gasp!) indicting some innocent neocon whose only sin was to take money (or something else) under the table to sell out their constituencies - and the American taxpayer along the way?

That's what the court said in the one bribery and corruption conviction so far. But, stay tuned - more are sure to follow - but then, Lew calls all that investigating stuff "showboating!"

No matter what, if they wear the Republican label, it's all right with Williams. The Devil himself might qualify! Now, for the first time in U.S. history, a congressman (Don Young), actually changed the wording in a bill between the time it was passed by Congress and the time it was signed into law.

That's an outright fraud, but it's OK with Lew Williams. Hey, it was only a mere $10 million of the taxpayers' money going to benefit one single Florida developer - who just happened to round up $40,000 in campaign contributions for Young shortly before the deed. But, he's a Republican right? Ipso, facto: Innocent on the face of it and a mere coincidence!

Oh yes, and Don Young lied about Floridians pushing for that sweetheart deal. Locals there say they asked Young not to make such a deal! Doesn't matter to Lew though - he simply repeats Young's lie. Lew must subscribe to the notion a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. But why shouldn't he? That is a tried and true neocon tactic and a core value isn't it?

But wait a minute! Just why did Young receive those $40,000 in contributions from Florida, 5,000 miles anyway? Huh? I'm very puzzled.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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