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Posted: Friday, August 17, 2007

Thanks for helping our summer program

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Thank you to the many individuals and businesses that made our summer program at the public libraries fun and exciting. Local businesses that provided prizes and gift certificates in a drawing held each week for kids are:

Alaska Fudge Co., Alaska General Store, Alaska Shirt Co., Amazing Bookstore, Bear's Lair, Capital Records, Domino's Pizza in the Valley, Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure, Gross-Alaska Theater, Hickok's Trading Co., Imagination Station, Mount Roberts Tramway, Nugget Alaskan Outfitters, Peer Amid Beads, Play-It-Again Sports, Rainy Day Books and The Udder Culture.

Thanks also goes to Capital City Weekly, Juneau Empire and Jeff Brown at Rain Country Radio for announcing the drawing weekly.

Our Teen Board kept active participating in programs. Thanks to: Paddy New, Maire New, Sorcha Hazelton, Anna Ramonda, Danielle Correa, Kelly Fernandez, Denali Hyatt, Veronica Buness, Macrina Erickson, Freya Shrestha and Marie Petersen.

Summer Storytimes included crafts and a big thank you goes to Good Hardware and Valley Paint for supplying us with materials.

A special thanks to Officer Blaine Hatch for introducing our Chapter Book Club to detective skills and to Raandi Miller for her inspired ideas and assistance in our summer program.

As always, the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries are our enthusiastic best friends and sponsors. Thanks to the Friends Board: Bridget Smith, Diane Sly, Lori Brotherton, Gerry Kress, Rai Behnert, Molly Crenshaw and Donna Denton.

Carol Race


Thanks for sponsoring the Mount Roberts race

We would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring the Mount Roberts Tramway run.

First off, the race wouldn't be possible without the support and encouragement of the Mount Roberts Tramway, especially George Reifenstein and Jim Duncan. We also want to thank Gastineau Guiding Co. for donating prizes.

Of course, the race wouldn't have been possible without the many volunteers. We'd like to thank Donna Hahnlen, Ron Taug, Kate Slotnick, Don and Thomas Hazel, Cameron Jardell and anyone else we missed. Thanks for putting on a great race.

Dirk Miller and Paul Dick


Thanks for finding 'Who Chewed the Shoe'

Gastineau Humane Society detectives Rex and Microchip would like to thank citizen detectives, and grand prize winners, Tim Rentrop and Brandi Hersel, and first prize winner Ruby Steedle for their assistance in capturing the notorious shoe chewer - Mandy.

A special debt of appreciation to the following individuals and businesses who made this fundraiser a success: Graphic artist Ken Gill for all of his help in finalizing our "Who Chewed the Shoe" poster and advertising. A major "Woof, woof!" (translation from dog to human: "Thank you big time.") to our major sponsors, "Shoefly," "Fire and Ice," "Alaska Pacific Bank" and "Pavitt Health and Fitness."

A special thank you to our suspects and their families for being such good sports: Louise, Allan Wilson and Sydney Mitchell, Jack, Rep. Beth Kerttula and Jim Powell; Virginia and Bea Findley; Scooby (aka "Rawhide"), Julie and Ron Flint; Scruffy, Bev and Ernie Mueller; Lacy, Rex and Tobe Thompson; Carly, Benning and Joann Lott; Kootz; Timi and Harry Tullis; and of course Mandy, Leslie and Craig Dahl. Thank you to our plot advertisers, Elgee, Rehfeld & Mertz; Bridge Veterinary Services; Jensen, Yorba and Lott; Cycle Alaska; Juan Munoz; KINY; Hearthside Books; our fabulous vet Rachel Dzuiba; Rendezvous Lounge; KTOO; Hearthside Books; KINY Radio and the Juneau Empire for advertising and assistance; and Beth and Capital Copy crew for their patience and expertise. Our major prize donations came from TEMSCO, Alaska Icefield Expeditions and GHS and they all deserve a very big thank you. And to GHS staff members Emily Hudyma and Maria Mulvaugh for all you did.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in the GHS fundraiser "Who Chewed the Shoe." Because of your support, Juneau animals in need will get a second chance to live a healthy and happy life.

Still we are left to ponder: Where do we find detectives Rex and Microchip next? Stay tuned.

After all ... it's a mystery!

Chava Lee

Executive director, Gastineau Humane Society


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