Relative says accused killer lured victim north

Posted: Sunday, August 17, 1997

August 17, 1997

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Sunday, August 17, 1997Relative says accused killer lured victim north

Troopers arrest accused killer's brother at Anchorage airport

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SOAP LAKE, Wash. - A Washington man whose dismembered body was found near Wasilla was lured to Alaska by a 16-year-old accused of the killing, the victim's uncle says.

Defendant Jeremy McAnulty faces a first-degree murder following the death of Sean Willson, whose remains were found in two graves near McAnulty's trailer.

Willson's uncle, Fred Willson, told the Wenatchee (Wash.) Daily World that McAnulty had promised Sean a construction job with the company he worked for.

``There was never a job there,'' Fred Willson said. ``It was all just a pack of lies to get Sean up there.''

The 16-year-old is accused of shooting Willson with a rifle at close range, dismembering the body with a chain saw and burying remains Aug. 8. Graves were found by Alaska State Troopers two days later.

Fred Willson told the Daily World that he believed the promise of work was a ruse because Willson's son was working in Alaska as well and claimed McAnulty had been laid off.

``We may never know the exact reason he (Sean) went up there,'' Fred Willson said.

Alaska State Troopers arrested 19-year-old James McAnulty, brother of the the accused slayer, at Anchorage International Airport Friday.

Troopers said there was no connection between the arrest and alleged threats that 16-year-old Jeremy McAnulty had made to slaying witnesses.

James McAnulty was arrested at the airport on an outstanding theft warrant by troopers, airport police and an airport interdiction unit.

Anchorage television KTUU said Friday that Jeremy allegedly told witnesses his brother would take revenge on anyone who cooperated with police.

James McAnulty was held on $2,600 bond at Anchorage's Sixth Avenue jail. A court also must approve a third-party custodian before he may be released.

Investigators say the killing occurred outside a trailer home Jeremy McAnulty shared with his mother, Charlotte, north of Wasilla. Jeremy moved to Alaska about two years ago, relatives say.

More than a dozen teen-agers and young adults were at McAnulty's home when the shooting occurred but authorities say few witnessed the dismemberment.

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