Cruise line restriction not enough to protect some

Posted: Friday, August 18, 2000

The Southeast Empire August 2000 article titled "Cruise lines agree to restrict dumping" is not good enough for the people of Metlakatla. The 10 miles away from port and the agreed upon dumping of wastewater in the Inside Passage to this writer poses a health hazard for our Native village which livelihood comes from the sea.

A recent report by Department of Environmental Conservation shows the bacterial count higher then expected where cruise ships have dumped wastewater raises many questions.

How long have these ships been dumping within the Inside Passage? What will be the health problems that will come from contaminated waters especially when Metlakatla has over 60 commercial divers in the water a good portion of the year?

What happens to the seafood with continuous dumping of even gray water and with an agreement for treated water into our waters which provides us with food we eat? Will these seafoods now be contaminated, and what health problems arise from contaminated seafood?

Amendment should be made to the agreements that no dumping take place within the radius of any communities, especially when their livelihood comes from the sea, and that no contamination be dumped into the sea which provides us with our food.

Terrance Booth, Sr.

Metlakatla, Alaska

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