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Posted: Friday, August 18, 2000

Pilot survives plane crash on Montague Island

ANCHORAGE An Anchorage man was returned to Cordova after escaping injuries in the crash of his single-engine plane on Montague Island in Prince William Sound.

The Coast Guard said one of its helicopter crews found Jerry Hepler in good condition early Thursday by a dirt airstrip near Macleod Harbor. Hepler's plane had struck a tree while on approach to the airstrip the previous evening. The collision caused the plane to cartwheel about 25 feet off the runway, the Coast Guard said.

Hepler tried signaling other planes in the area, but didn't get a response. He waited until morning to activate the emergency location transmitter on his plane so rescuers wouldn't launch a search in the darkness, the Coast Guard said.

Coast Guard hoists Alaska man from sea off Oregon

PORTLAND, Ore. A fisherman from Kenai who was stranded on a lifeboat 90 miles off the Oregon coast was hoisted to safety by a Coast Guard helicopter Thursday.

David Hayertz, 58, from Kenai, sent out a distress call at about 4:30 a.m. from the Miss Pris when he noticed the engine compartment filling with water.

The Coast Guard heard the call for help, but the signal died before Hayertz gave the ship's location.

The fisherman grabbed an electronic radio beacon before his ship sank. Once on his life raft, he turned on the beacon, leading rescuers to him about two hours later.

Seiner sinks near Ketchikan; six rescued

KETCHIKAN Six crew members of a seine boat were rescued after their vessel sank in rough seas 15 miles south of Ketchikan, according to the Coast Guard.

The 50-foot fishing vessel Miss Tracie made a distress call Wednesday afternoon saying the boat, off Cedar Point, was taking on water, the Coast Guard said. The agency responded with a 47-foot motor lifeboat, but the crew already had been picked up by another vessel, the Island Dancer.

The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of the sinking.

Farmer turns in petition for mayor's job

JUNEAU Mark Farmer, a writer and photojournalist, filed his petition for mayor Thursday.

Farmer, 37, has lived in Juneau for 16 years. His previous four shots for the mayor's job have missed, as have two tries for an assembly seat.

Mayor Dennis Egan's term runs out this fall. He could not be reached for comment about a possible re-election bid.

In an interview, Farmer said the city has left the developers, tour industry and corporate concerns in the driver's seat for too long.

Farmer said he wants to preserve and enhance Juneau's recreational assets, including Eaglecrest Ski Area and trails. And he said the local government hasn't been responsive to citizens.

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