Republicans: How to make choices

Posted: Sunday, August 18, 2002

On Aug. 27 we will go to the polls to select the candidates that go forth to the general election in November. For us Republicans, we have some good candidates to choose from out there. But how are we supposed to choose which candidate is for us?

In the case of the race for the lieutenant governor nomination we, as Republicans, must ask ourselves a few questions based on the assumption that Frank Murkowski will win the governor's nomination:

1. Which lt. governor candidate will boost the Murkowski ticket the most?

2. Which lt. governor candidate is a proven administrator that can assume the duties of governor should the unthinkable happen?

3. Which lt. governor candidate can do the most to benefit and boost interest in the Republican Party?

The answers to all three of these questions point to the same candidate: Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin helps balance the Murkowski ticket better than any other candidate does and she will attract a larger voting demographic than any other candidate does. Sarah Palin will give the Murkowski ticket the best chance of winning in November.

Sarah Palin has proven her ability to administrate and supervise a government as the two-term mayor of Wasilla, the fastest-growing community in Alaska. While mayor, Sarah Palin eliminated taxes and reduced property tax rates each of her six years in office, and Wasilla now has a vibrant and growing economy, and the community is attractive to both residence and industry development.

Sarah Palin represents the next generation of Alaskan voters. By nominating her as the Republican lt. governor candidate, we Republicans will be sending a message to the younger generations that they are welcome in our party and encourage them to join.

So on Aug. 27, please vote in your primary election. And if you are registered to vote as a Republican, undeclared, or nonpartisan, please select the Republican primary ballot and vote for Sarah Palin for lt. governor of Alaska!

John R. Mazzitello

North Pole

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