Harbor remodel is on schedule, says port director

Posted: Thursday, August 18, 2005

City officials say Harris Harbor reconstruction is on schedule and displaced boaters will move back by the end of September.

That's when the first phase will be complete.

"We are hoping to get things done before the official schedule but it doesn't seem like it is going to happen," Port Director John Stone said.

About 70 boats are temporarily relocated during the first phase of construction, according to Harbormaster Lou McCall.

"All of the tenants already have their assigned stalls at the new Harris," McCall said.

Contractors have replaced floats 1 and 2, built underground utilities and put in a new gangway, said Mike Krieber, port engineer.

"We are in the process of running the electrical lines to the floats," Krieber said. "We will run the water lines next week."

Harris Harbor reconstruction

total cost: $5.2 million to replace all the floats, $1 million to build a loading area.

project scope: put in new floats, build new electrical lines and install slips that can accommodate larger boats, up to 70 feet long.

phase I: replace floats 1 and 2.

completion: by sept. 30.

phase II: replace floats 3, 4 and 5.

completion: by dec. 15.

phase III: create 20,000 square feet of upland between aurora and harris harbors for a loading area and a boat service yard.

completion: by next summer.

City harbor officials say rebuilding Harris Harbor is the most important harbor project this summer. The 66-year-old harbor, the oldest in Juneau, has a rotting electrical system and sinking floats.

The Docks and Harbors Department is expected to spend $5.2 million installing new floats and rebuilding the harbor's electrical and water systems, according to Krieber. This part of the project will be conducted in two phases and should be complete by Dec. 15.

The final phase of the project is to create 20,000 square feet of uplands between Aurora and Harris harbors.

"It will be a loading and unloading area," Krieber said. "We also plan to use it for the expansion of a service yard, where people can work on their boats or have somebody else work on their boats. People can store their boats in winter at this area."

The new Harris Harbor will accommodate bigger or wider boats, although that means a loss of 41 slips for small boats.

The old Harris could take boats slightly larger than 32 feet. The new Harris will have one slip for a 70-foot-long boat, eight for 60-footers, 19 for 42-footers, 36 for 38-footers, 84 for 32-footers and 27 for 26-footers.

"Some big boats have been on our waiting list for more than a year and we have some empty space at Aurora for boats smaller than 30 feet," Krieber said.

Dick Farnell, who has stored his boat at Harris, said he looks forward to a new facility.

"There is a dislocation period so they can put the new floats in," Farnell said. "But having a new dock is exciting."

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