Missing from the election pamphlet

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, August 18, 2006

I wonder if Wally Olson, letter to the editor on Aug. 9, got a different primary election pamphlet than I did.

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Aware that there were multiple candidates in most parties running for governor, lieutenant governor and U.S. representatives, I was looking forward to the pamphlet at least listing all the candidates. No such luck.

I went to the local election office to inquire about the omission. A helpful woman at the office told me that since it was a primary election, no candidates were listed. At least they had sample ballots for the combined and Republican parties; so I'm now aware of the names of all the candidates.

Wally did say in his letter that he looked up more information on some candidates on his computer. But that doesn't help us computerless dinosaurs.

Ed Huizer

Auke Bay

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