Pulling the wool over Alaskans' eyes

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, August 18, 2006

We are being deluged with daily TV ads and glossy mail-outs from "Alaskans Protecting our Economy." Do you ever wonder just who they are? Besides those Alaskans they have shilling for them, that is?

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According to the Alaska Public Offices Commission, this group received funding of $1,182,545 as of their last filing on July 24. The NorthWest CruiseShip Association, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, provided $1,874,575 of that funding. The group made their own filing; so I don't know why the numbers don't add up. Don't take my word for this; you can check this for yourself on the APOC Web site.

And they paid out $1,172,879 to Pac West Communications in Wilsonville, Ore. All that seems a mighty long ways from "Alaskans" "Protecting our Economy" doesn't it? In fact, the only Alaskan component of this entire scam is the wool they are trying to pull over the eyes of all Alaskans. And if we let them it will be our own fault.

Anytime someone must lie about who they are tells me all their claims are very suspect and deceitful. Deception and fear-mongering certainly seem to be much in vogue these days.

Anne Pennington


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