Ballot Measure 4: Inform yourself

Posted: Monday, August 18, 2008

There has been a multitude of propaganda over the past several months aimed at demonizing Ballot Measure 4, the Clean Water Initiative.

We have been inundated with countless so-called "facts," including claims that it would shut down many existing mines (Red Dog, etc.) and cost "thousands of jobs."

Pay no heed to the doom and gloom scare tactics. The fact is this initiative on its own cannot even stop the Pebble Mine, let alone existing mines.

I urge all Alaskans to look beyond the radio, TV and newspaper advertising blitz and educate yourselves on this matter. Conduct an Internet search for the Clean Water Initiative and read it, particularly Section 3 and Section 5(a).

You will find that said regulations would only apply to new mines larger than 640 acres. Search for Montana Initiative I-137 and see how the mining industry in Montana is thriving despite the voter-approved restriction on cyanide-leach mining.

If you are not aware of the track record of the foreign companies of the Pebble Mine (particularly Anglo American of the United Kingdom), then do your homework and see how they are cleaning up after themselves and how they are treating their workers.

Don't take my word for it, and certainly do not formulate an opinion from "facts" provided by commercials or advertisements.

Exercise your civic duty by educating yourself on this issue and make an informed decision this Aug. 26 that will take into consideration the health and livelihood of all Alaskans.

Dan Spencer


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