California is still a golden state

Posted: Sunday, August 19, 2001

As a third generation Californian I am so tired of being accused of ruining the great state of Alaska.

Yes, California is a busy state, yet still a "Golden" state.

I came to Alaska over 27 years ago. I realize I am still a neophyte to this great land as I am married to a man who was born in Juneau over 73 years ago. His father immigrated to Juneau in 1905, with his wife soon to follow.

A classmate of mine years ago wanted to blow up the road leading into our small valley in northern California. He did not want all of those Southerners coming into our beautiful valley.

My father's grandmother crossed the plains in a covered wagon, not many roads then either. But they came anyway. Maybe if we had a few more miles of road to travel, such as to Haines and Skagway, there would be a little less congestion on Egan Drive - for a few years anyway.

I personally chose not to have children. I have two nephews in California who are also childless - hope that makes you feel better Dennis - a few less of us Californian carpetbaggers to overrun your domain.

Loretta Hildre


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