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Posted: Monday, August 19, 2002

Our legislators voted for the new closed primary (HB 193) claiming it was because of a U.S. Supreme Court decision in favor of the Democratic Party in California. The truth is this court decision did affirm a political party's right to close their primary. However, our elected officials went beyond the scope of that court decision. They decided to close the primary for all parties. You can find the truth about which legislators supported HB 193 by going to http://www.akvoters.org/watchdog.htm.

Most people I've talked with think a closed primary is more beneficial to political parties than to the voting public. The Republican and Democratic parties who created this mess had hoped this would attract more Undeclared and Non-partisan voters, who accounted for 52 percent in the 2000 election into their organization. In reality frustrated voters, including a record number of Republicans, have changed their party affiliation to Undeclared and Non-partisan when faced with this closed primary.

Some people suggest we protest the closed primary by not voting on Aug. 27. Maybe a stronger statement would be made by picking up a third party ballot? Show the Republican and Democratic parties how far out of step they really are with the general public.

We must all get involved by voting for people representing our views, not some party with half-baked ideas, empty promises, and failed schemes!

Malcolm McBride


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