Police search for possible rapist in Marine Park case

Posted: Monday, August 19, 2002

Police said today the case against an unknown man who may have raped a woman in Marine Park on Saturday morning is "very thin," since the woman apparently blacked out during the attack.

The woman, 19, whose name is not being released, was found around 1:48 a.m. Saturday, partially clothed and unconscious, in the pavilion in the park.

Police said today in a press release that they were alerted to the rape by an unnamed caller who said a man was attempting to rape a woman in the park.

The caller hung up and did not give any further information, police said.

When police arrived the woman was unresponsive and was taken to Bartlett Regional Hospital where she was found to be highly intoxicated and hypothermic.

Police said she was interviewed by an advocate from the AWARE women's shelter as well as the police and then released.

Sgt. John Boltjes, head of police investigations, said today that the case seems very thin because the woman does not remember the attack.

"She was highly intoxicated at the time," said Boltjes. "The last thing she remembers is sitting alone in the park and the next thing she remembers is waking up in the hospital. She also remembers being in the park with a friend and the friend's boyfriend, but they left."

Boltjes said the woman was checked for evidence of sexual assault, but doctors couldn't find any physical signs of intercourse. He also said there was no sign of a fight between the woman and the alleged attacker.

Boltjes said it is unknown whether the woman knew the man who the caller saw with her. He said the investigation is ongoing and police have no suspects at this time.

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