Skagway road bias

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dan Joling's article on "Murkowski seeks road to Skagway" is inaccurate, poorly researched and biased against the road.

I am a resident in Skagway and a business owner. Many citizens favor the road and in fact the issue will be placed on the next election ballot. Approximately 250 citizens signed in support of the road and the voting population of Skagway in the last election was approximately 380 citizens.

Secondly "environmental groups" are opposed to the road because it will be dangerous. Who are these groups that are referenced and what studies on safety are being quoted?

Finally, Jan Wrentmore is one of the main opponents of the road and if she is to be quoted, an opposing point of view should be offered in the same interview format.

I understand that the Juneau Empire picked this story up from the Associated Press, but can't you see the bias?

David Brena


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