An anti-Bush frenzy

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, August 19, 2004

Anyone reading the letters-to-the-editor in the Juneau Empire cannot help but notice the outpouring of venom towards President Bush. It is almost as if Juneau's liberals smell blood in the water and it is driving them into a frenzy of anti-Bush rhetoric. It might not be too strong a term to characterize it as hatred of President Bush.

Before this is all over we will probably see someone claiming that he is personally responsible for the 9-11 attack as well as every other disaster that has occurred in the past two years - possibly even the collapse of the Seattle Mariners. There is particularly good evidence for the latter because Bush has had a connection with the Texas Rangers. I am confident Michael Moore could make a case for it and have half of the people believing it.

The insistence that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction is certainly intellectually dishonest. Before we went into Iraq, everyone, including extreme liberals like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, believed that Iraq did, in fact, have such weapons. These individuals had the same intelligence information as the president. The fact that our intelligence may have been bad is beside the point. It is possible to be wrong without being a liar. I personally believe the existence of such weapons is still an open question and that we may some day know what happened to them.

With regard to Bush's prospects for re-election, Bush supporters can take comfort remembering that Juneau voted for both George McGovern and Michael Dukakis while the country as a whole wisely rejected them. Hopefully, this will happen with the present criticism of Bush, just a case of Juneau being Juneau.

The world is not safe enough to trust our security with John Kerry. He would rely on the UN for leadership and support. Those of us who see the UN as a corrupt organization and oppose the idea of one world government share the perspective that freedom and security can only be protected by rejecting a philosophy that would turn these interests over to others. All we need to do is recall the genocide in Uganda a few years ago under the watchful eye of the UN and the Clinton administration to realize that George Bush is much better qualified to lead our country during these dangerous times.

Sidney D. Heidersdorf


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