The road: a crazy access scheme

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, August 19, 2005

I am writing to express my growing concern over the outlandish road to Juneau project. I feel that it is a tremendous waste of the entire state's valuable dollar resources in addition to being a nail in the coffin of our well-used and necessary Alaska Marine Highway System.

We the people of Haines and Skagway have made it very clear through voting and public hearings over the years that we do not want a road. We would like an improved ferry system. The administration does not seem to be listening, and so I am appealing to the rest of the state to make your voices heard on this crazy scheme. Do you really want your tax dollars to be spent on an ill-planned, dangerous, incredibly expensive, impossible to maintain road that will permanently scar our beautiful land, endanger wildlife habitat, and make access to Juneau very unlikely many days of the year? It's time to join together to speak out, louder, or live with the nightmare that is being thrust upon us.

Debi Knight Kennedy


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