Escape cabin fever

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, August 19, 2005

I wanted to say it was nice to ride past Auke Lake and see that the flamingos are back. I hope the yellow house continues to keep them, move them around as they see fit, and that they are not stolen as in the past.

Also, I find it amusing that the gentleman that swam from Skagway to Juneau to oppose the road lives in Haines, where you can drive out, and has only lived there about six months. Let's see how he will feel if he needs medical treatment in a hurry in Juneau, and the next ferry is not for a day or two. Though I have only lived here since 1999, the only reason I can see for moving elsewhere is the fact that you cannot drive out on a road. When you just have "cabin fever" it would be nice to know you could gas up and drive to Skagway and go north, or go into Canada and travel south to the Lower 48, or just travel a little in Canada and come back home.

Peggie Gordon


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