Thank you

Posted: Friday, August 19, 2005

... for helping Charlene Osborne

Gunalcheesh. I just want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for all the wonderful support that was provided when my sister, Charlene Osborne, was medevaced from Anchorage to Seattle on July 14. Your concern, hugs, volunteer efforts and monetary donations were heartfelt. Charlene is suffering from an aneurysm and was finally moved from the intensive care unit on Aug. 8 into a regular room; she will be sent back to Anchorage Native Medical Hospital sometime next week to begin rehab. My sister, Twila Murphy, will be escorting her.

Charlene's memory is not what it use to be; she is very confused and does not believe she is in Seattle. She thinks she is in Anchorage. She also seems to be seeing past family members, thinking she is doing things that she is not and sometimes forgetting who we are. Right now we accept what she says and pray that her rehab in Anchorage will be successful. It is extremely difficult for us to see her this way as everyone who knows Charlene knows how much of a strong person she is. Please add her to your prayers.

We want to thank Grandma's Inc. for coordinating and securing donations for the 50/50 raffle; this caring group is something every community needs coming together on a spur of the moment and making things happen. Thank you ANB Camp 2 bingo for allowing the 50/50. Thank you to Driftwood Lodge, Chinook's Restaurant, Domino's Pizza and Bullwinkle's Pizza for your generous donations. Thank you to Roberta Fawcett, Roberta Price, Joe Kahklen, Georgia Finau, Hazel Hope, Diane Carrier, Norman Vonda, Maureen Brown and Myrna Brown for the donations for the Native food basket. Thank you to Hoonah Camp 12 for their 50/50 effort and to the Hoonah people. Thank you to Central Council and to Juneau Tlingit and Haida Community Council. God bless each and every one of you!

We love you.

Janice Bennett family,

Michelle, Yvonne, Charla and Desirae

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