Clarification: Muñoz explains some of her positions on energy

Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Empire's article in Monday's newspaper on energy and the position of the valley House candidates reported I had received unanswered calls from reporter Pat Forgey. In fact, Mr. Forgey left two messages and both calls were promptly returned. Mr. Forgey never got back to me.

To briefly clarify some of my positions on energy, I offer the following:

I believe strongly that we have to develop the Southeast interties. It is very important that rights of way designations be identified in the Tongass Land Management Plan for energy and transportation corridors.

Closer to home, we must support nearby communities and the completion of Thayer Lake Hydro in Angoon and the extension of Lake Dorothy to Hoonah. In the interim, the Power Cost Equalization program needs to be supported and extended to businesses.

Population is rapidly declining in our region. The high cost of energy is a key factor. Temporary measures such as the repeal of the 8 cents state gas tax and direct grants to utilities including home diesel fuel providers for across the board relief also are measures I support. Direct payments will help many families, but in the long term we must work for sustainable solutions.

• Cathy Muñoz is running to be the Republican candidate for House District 4.

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