Clearing up errors in Cope Park article

Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I would like to make note of some inaccuracies in the story about Evergreen Bowl and Cope Park in the Neighbors section of Sunday's Empire. The money donated to the city for the purchase of Evergreen Bowl was from the Juneau Volunteer Fire Department, not Bill Cope.

Cope was a member of the department and was chairman of a fire department committee, overseeing the purchase of the Evergreen Bowl. This money was part of the proceeds the department received from the federal government for the sale of the old ballpark at Ninth Street and Glacier Avenue. This is now the site of the Hurff Saunders Federal Building and courthouse.

After the purchase of the Evergreen Bowl, the Juneau Volunteer Fire Department paid for a heating system, new bathhouse and restrooms for the swimming pool that was located there, along with improvements to the baseball field and the tennis courts. Prior to the installation of the heating system for the pool, the water used to fill the pool came directly from Gold Creek. From first-hand experience, I can tell you it was cold.

Because of Cope's efforts on the committee, and after his death, the Juneau Volunteer Fire Department petitioned the city to rename the area containing the playing fields, swimming pool and tennis courts Cope Park. The general area around the park is still called Evergreen Bowl.

Doug Boddy

Retired chief, Juneau Volunteer Fire Department


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