Health care plan must address abortion

Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Like many Americans, I am concerned about the health insurance industry's practices, which too often put profits before people. I understand the sentiment for the administration's health insurance reform proposals, and believe they deserve reasoned debate in Congress. There is a more important issue at stake, however: the right to life.

Congress has consistently voted to prohibit public funding of abortion, and this provision should be an explicit part of any health insurance reform that is sent to the president's desk. This issue is too important to leave in the hands of a panel of bureaucrats or an activist judge. While Congress is in recess, it is expected to listen to its constituents, so I urge Juneau residents to make their views on this issue known to their elected representatives.

I belong to a nonpartisan grassroots organization called the Center for Moral Clarity, which has online resources to easily accomplish this (it's easy to find on a search engine such as Google). I urge Juneau residents to join me in raising our voices to make sure we do not become complicit in funding abortions under the guise of health-care reform.

Leonard Westover

North Pole

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