Cabin vandalism at Taku Point

Posted: Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We have a cabin at Taku Point, across from Taku Glacier. Sometime between late May and late July, someone broke into the cabin. They kicked in the door jamb, drank the alcohol, littered the area with Pall Mall cigarette butts and apparently spent the night. They left the place open, and left the propane heater on until it consumed the fuel supply.

As any cabin owner can attest, building and maintaining a cabin is a labor of love. Breaking into someone's cabin in the event of an emergency is one thing. Breaking into a cabin for no apparent reason and leaving without a written note or later contacting the owner is reprehensible. We will never understand what motivates some people to destroy other people's property. If anyone has any information who may have vandalized our cabin, please call us at 789-2028.

Ron and Nan Schonenbach


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