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Posted: Sunday, August 20, 2000

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

To the caller whos sick and tired of the tourists overcrowding Capital Transit, I agree 100 percent. Most of them dont even know where theyre going. Theyre just there to crowd the bus. If the tourists insist on riding the transit, let them be the ones to stand in the isles trying to hold onto their packages and children, not the locals.

I agree with the person that was complaining about the Capital Transit buses and crowding by the tourists. Im nine months pregnant and every time I get on the bus I am never offered a seat. The whole bus is crowded by tourists and not one of the fit and elderly people offer to stand up and let me sit. Persons who say you should get off your butt and get a car, we do have a car. My husband works and we share it.

As a lifelong Juneau resident, Id like to thank Mark Farmer for running for mayor. Ive come to admire his courage and consistency. I dont always agree with him, but I know where he stands, which is more than I can say for some of our local politicians.

Im really curious to know planet Patty Zimmerman is from. Does anyone know?

To that local guy that dresses like a tourist and the rest of the tourists that visit our city, the crosswalks are there for a reason. Please use them downtown. Its hard enough to drive when its congested, but with you stepping off in front of us, it gets even harder.

I just came from Cope Park where I saw two trash cans knocked over and the contents spilled on the ground. I dont know if bears did it or people, but it could have been bears. There were no locks on those cans. They were not bear-proofed in any way. It just seems crazy to me that with all the problems were having with garbage bears downtown the city isnt putting locks on the trash cans in the park.

I think you ought to change the name of this column from Word of Mouth to Call and Complain. Come on Juneau, lets be upbeat about life.

The nonsense about the tourists riding the buses has really gotten out of hand. When I go to Seattle I ride their buses and I get to ride for free in the downtown area. They really know how to treat their tourists well.

I think the greatest threat to America today is the ignorance of its citizens. In particular, one citizen of Juneau writing about Capital Transit and its use by tourists. Ive never heard anything more stupid and misdirected. The bus system is there for all citizens. If we took this kind of thinking and stretched it out over the country, we wouldnt have a country in the end. I would say keep your selfish little thoughts to yourself and dont ride the bus if you dont like it.

With less than a week to file for public office our incumbent two-term mayor has yet to publicly announce his retirement or intention to run for a third term. In many communities this would be material for a front-page news article. In Juneau it rates a phone call to Word of Mouth.

The downtown post office needs more employees working during the noon hour. I was in at 12:20 and there were two clerks on duty. One closed his window at 12:30. The other clerk was working on passports for two different clients. Why do we have to wait for 20 minutes in line at the post office during the day, during work hours?

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