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The Juneau Public Library system carries a large number of books on tape, both fiction and non-fiction. You can look for them by author or title, just like a book. Here's a taste of the new tapes hitting the shelves this week.

Children's book features Rock illustrations
"Neeluk" is a children's book that waited six decades to be born. From 1900 to 1902, writer Frances Kittredge lived in the village of Wales, Ak., with her sister and brother-in-law, Ellen and William Lopp. The Lopps knew the Inupiaq language, taught school, and advised on reindeer herding.

Life down on the farm
Farming is hard work - and you can't skip a day. Hurlock's Happy Hennery began with about 15 acres and 500 Leghorns, but soon grew to a flock of more than 5,000 chickens housed in seven outbuildings. Every month or so, 500 more chicks would arrive.

How Hurlock's Happy Hennery was hatched
Real estate, movies and hen fruit are woven together in the tale of a 1950s Mendenhall Valley chicken farm owned by Roger and Mary Hurlock.

Lead or follow
It is with great disappointment I read your editorial favoring more highway infrastructure for Juneau. The old argument that Americans won't give up their cars is, I believe, shortsighted. It is exactly this thought that has created the terrible situations that face many cities such as Atlanta and Seattle. The congestion, road rage, parking and expenses are all contributing nationwide to a a desire for alternatives.

Dealing with bears
Garbage-related bear problems seem like such an ancient issue. While half of the world in bear country has dealt with it 20 years ago, Juneau is just bearly starting.

Let's decide message, spread it far and wide
It's been sad to read Juneau's debate over the capital move in the media recently. It seems to me that the capital move is such a threat to Juneau's livelihood that our response to it should unify us, not divide us. Instead, the capital move has become a wedge in our community, and created a lot of finger-pointing and accusations.

Negativism in capital debate is not OK
How our community deals with local public policy issues is going to influence how the rest of Alaska will vote on the capital move issue slated for the November 2002 ballot question if ballot petitions are signed by more than 23,000 Alaskans over the next 10 to 12 months.

No time to point fingers
The Legislative Move Initiative circulating up north is not about who resides in Juneau, their beliefs or business practices. Moving the capital (piecemeal or all at one time) is purely about economics and until the Legislature funds every needy school, road, ferry, piece of railroad track and other important state infrastructure concerns - Alaska simply doesn't have the money to indulge a bunch of politicians who are more concerned about where they work, than what they do for Alaskan residents.

California is still a golden state
As a third generation Californian I am so tired of being accused of ruining the great state of Alaska.

Tune in to Southeast
It has been interesting to see how the comments of a strongly pro-development former publisher from strongly conservative Ketchikan have shaped the debate over why Juneau is currently not highly thought of in Southeast Alaska.

Appropriate response
Mr. Thoma's response to our "guest editorial" was a very good example of the smoke that a small extreme group of people uses to confuse and misinform our population.

Stop polarizing
Enough already. It's time for local pro-development interests and the publisher of Juneau's only newspaper to stop dividing the community into "good guy developers" and "bad guy environmentalists."

Returning the favor
I would like to publicly thanks those folks, who, on the evening of Aug. 15, at about 5 p.m., on Vanderbilt Hill, stopped to offer assistance to what no doubt looked very much like a situation needing help.

Local Briefs
Truck dislodges boat on Egan Drive; Bear cub enters Juneau house; Royal Caribbean execs to meet public; Alaska Natives to take to streets

Institute immerses adults in Tlingit, Haida languages
Volunteer assistant instructor John Palmes, speaking in Tlingit and sometimes searching for the right word to describe what he was doing, slipped a bead on a string.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Tours above the tree line
The combined city tour and alpine walk offered by Gastineau Guiding Co. shows off Juneau to good advantage from sea level, tram level and alpine level.

Around Town

Lighthouse transfer includes 1,505 acres
A proposal to convey federal land at the historic Point Retreat Lighthouse on Admiralty Island to a nonprofit group is drawing ire from some local residents, but the Alaska Lighthouse Association says it has no plans to develop or drastically change the property.

Near-record set of dry days ends
Juneau weather returned to normal Friday, when an afternoon shower ended the near-record spell of dry warm weather.

Beason's fish hold up
The final minutes seemed like hours as Ryan Beason anxiously waited for the signal gun to go off, ending the 55th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby.

Beason, 12, has Derby lead
Ryan Beason is only 12 years old, but he's already developing quite the fisherman's resume.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Survey may help preserve Wickersham
Plaster and lath are separating on the second floor of Juneau's Wickersham House, but a nearly completed survey may open new doors to funding for the historic, 101-year-old residence.

Around Town

Farmer opts out of Assembly run
Urban Bear Committee Chairman Mark Farmer said Friday that he won't run for a seat on the Juneau Assembly this fall so he can focus attention on the community's bear issues.


Diana M. Bennett
Diana M. Bennett died Aug. 11, 2001, in her home in Hawaii following a lengthy illness.

Richard A. Capelle
Juneau resident Richard A. "Rick" Capelle died at home Aug. 4, 2001.

Mary Abella Egsgaard
Mass will be celebrated for Mary Abella Egsgaard at 1:30 p.m., Aug. 21, 2001, at St. Paul's Church. An interment at the Alaskan Memorial Park Mortuary & Crematory and a gathering at the Filipino Community will follow the Mass.

Frances Elizabeth DeRoux
Frances DeRoux, 81, died Aug. 14, 2001, in her home in Juneau.

Albert H. Wiitala
Former Southeast resident Albert H. Wiitala, 83, died July 19, 2001, in Washington.

Picking a name for the tavern of your dreams is easy
Would you go into a place called Scatter's for a beer and a bowl of chili? How about the Salty Dog or the Birdhouse? Would you leave the highway and set foot in Action Jackson's, the Bore Tide or Halfway Inn? Alaska is full of interesting taverns, each with a unique identity.

My Turn:No fed bureaucracy needed for Alaska gas
BP, Exxon and Phillips have asked Alaska Sen. Frank Murkowski to submit a bill to the U.S. Senate to federalize Alaska's natural gas and negate our state's rights to develop our own gas project. Sen. Murkowski said he will schedule hearings before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee chaired by Sen. Bingaman, (D) N.M.

Winners and losers
Thumbs up and a couple thumbs down

Some good news for families
Sometimes it seems like the only news about today's young people is bad news. Violence, drugs, delinquency and the general breakdown of the American family are familiar themes.

Are we putting history in a moving van?
If it makes sense to move Alaska's capital from Juneau to Mat-Su and to hold legislative sessions in an abandoned Wal-Mart, let's consider other potential relocations of similar merit:

My Turn: Road, Tulsequah mine development notes
State Sen. Robin Taylor and State Rep. Peggy Wilson, Wrangell Republicans, are back from meetings with government officials in British Columbia with good news. The British Columbia Liberal Party is interested in the Bradfield Canal Road and is encouraging the Tulsequah mine development. "Liberal" in B.C. means the opposite of "liberal" in the United States.

Juneau holds on to beat Bartlett
The Juneau-Douglas High School football team has one of the thicker playbooks in Alaska prep football, and Friday night the Crimson Bears used something from about every chapter to beat the favored Bartlett Golden Bears 14-7 at Adair-Kennedy Memorial Park.

Defense swings momentum to Juneau's favor
Heading into Friday's game against Bartlett, Juneau's defense knew it would have its hands full with the potent Golden Bears offense.

Nanseth gets wake-up call in Eaglecrest run
Karen Nanseth was running at a moderate pace, enjoying the ideal conditions for Saturday's Eaglecrest Hill Climb when she looked over and realized she was about to lose the lead in the women's race.

Sports In Juneau
Friday, Aug. 24

Espera, Box team up to win duathlon
Rey Espera and Steve Box work well together on the water. Sunday, they showed they can also work well together on land as they teamed up to win the Capital City Fish-On Duathlon. Espera handled the running duties and Box was the cyclist as the pair completed the two-mile run and 15-mile bike course at False Outer Point in 56 minutes, 46 seconds, more than four minutes ahead of the next finisher.

Photo: National champions:

Juneau third in first poll
The Juneau-Douglas High School football team picked up one first-place vote and 22 points to take third place in the initial Anchorage Daily News-State Coaches Football Poll released today.

Sports in Juneau

Soccer Standings
Capital City Soccer League

Espera, Box team up to win duathlon
Rey Espera and Steve Box work well together on the water. Sunday, they showed they can also work well together on land as they teamed up to win the Capital City Fish-On Duathlon. Espera handled the running duties and Box was the cyclist as the pair completed the two-mile run and 15-mile bike course at False Outer Point in 56 minutes, 46 seconds, more than four minutes ahead of the next finisher.

Hunting of wolves may start this winter
Wolves could be shot and killed as early as this winter in a state-sponsored predator control program to help moose.

DOT resists 2nd IFA ferry
The state Department of Transportation stands accused of breaking faith with a new ferry authority in the southern Panhandle.

Stevens voices concerns about gas line legislation
Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens is concerned about federal legislation proposed by the oil industry to streamline permits for a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope.

New effort to rename mountain Denali
The Tanana Chiefs Conference has launched another effort to restore the original Athabascan name to the tallest peak in North America.

Understaffed for oil spills?
The supervisor in the state office that oversees the cleanup of hazardous spills in northern Alaska says a reorganization of his agency six years ago has led to some spills not being cleaned up properly and others not investigated.

New TV show focuses on Alaska bachelors
Alaska men looking for love have a cupid in Hollywood toiling on their behalf.

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