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Posted: Monday, August 20, 2001

It is with great disappointment I read your editorial favoring more highway infrastructure for Juneau. The old argument that Americans won't give up their cars is, I believe, shortsighted. It is exactly this thought that has created the terrible situations that face many cities such as Atlanta and Seattle. The congestion, road rage, parking and expenses are all contributing nationwide to a a desire for alternatives.

Public transportation is frequently dismissed as too expensive to initiate. However, it has been shown when it is convenient and inexpensive, the public will use it. When it is no longer a two-mile walk to the nearest bus stop I too will use it. In my opinion, Juneau needs to look to the future and promote more public transportation and off-road bike paths to avoid the problems that other communities are facing because they have accepted the idea that Americans won't give up their cars. Juneau is an ideal place for bike paths, electric cars and buses and light rail. Let's learn from the mistakes of other cities instead of repeating them.

Melanie Fluharty


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