Politics and oil

Posted: Tuesday, August 20, 2002

The oil companies in Alaska pay a royalty, which is a fixed amount based upon how much oil is recovered at the wellhead. The oil companies have nothing to do with how the federal and Alaska state governments divide the royalty. The Prudhoe Bay oil field royalty is split 10 percent to the federal government and 90 percent to the Alaska state government. This was the royalty split agreed to at statehood.

Our congressional delegation made up of Ted Stevens, Frank Murkowski and Don Young has been pushing the ANWR bill that calls for a 50/50 royalty split between the federal and Alaska state governments. Why should we have to settle for 40 percent less in royalty in the National Petroleum Reserve, ANWR and possibly other future oil fields? The Alaska Legislature appears to agree with this 50/50 split, spending millions of dollars lobbying for it. This year in CSHB 334, our legislators gave an additional $1.1 million toward this effort. See how your legislator voted on CSHB 334 at this Web site: http://www.akvoters.org/watchdog.htm

Frank Murkowski wants to be our governor. What is his real reason for returning to Alaska? The oil cartel contributes lavishly to his campaign via attorneys, subcontractors, employees etc. Check it all out at the Alaska State APOC Web site: http://www.state.ak.us/apoc/index.htm

We must ask ourselves whom these candidates will really represent if elected at the executive and legislative level. We will be looking for the gubernatorial candidate that is totally for the best interests of Alaska and its citizens. We may very well be voting the primary election ballots of one of minor party candidates if they are the most Alaska in heart, soul and spirit!

Bill and Samon Arnold


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