Downtown drunkenness

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2003

I read the Juneau Empire article regarding the recent crime spree in the downtown area, and what surprises me the most is how surprised the police, Kirby Day and this town seem to be in response to this sort of behavior. If Kirby, or any of the Juneau Police officers would take the time to walk the streets during the late hours in the downtown district, one would have to ask why more vandalism doesn't take place.

In fact, we should all be ashamed of the drinking in public downtown and do something about it. Open containers are common, especially at the bus depot near the triangle. I have called the city many times to ask them to clean up the beer cans left behind. I have also called the police to ask them to clear out some of the fighting and drinking that goes on in that area, only to witness the police dump out the beer, and ask the locals to leave.

Why don't we do something about this open drunkenness, drinking and loud behavior? Why do we have to hide this from the cruise customers? Shouldn't this be something we deal with as a community, not just for the tourists' sake?

I ask, and beg the local police to clean up the downtown during the days, and during the evening, and vandalism will be reduced along the way. If you continue to allow all the drinking, shouting and rowdiness, we better be ready for more vandalism along the way.

Dan Hays


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