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Posted: Friday, August 20, 2004

Politics has been a family enterprise for the Mike Miller family, an enterprise so avid that it approaches a quest for power, a desire to be running things. It also can be viewed as "public service" although that seems a little suspicious.

For a cumulative 56 years, one or another of the Miller clan has been North Pole mayor, council member, borough assembly member, magistrate, legislator, lieutenant governor, state commissioner.

The magistrate business was in 1963 when North Pole Mayor Con Miller appointed his wife Nellie as assistant city magistrate (April 8, 1963). A little hint of nepotism, perhaps?

Con, the father, began the family political tradition in 1955 as North Pole Council member and mayor. (1955-1970) He came back as a council member in 1978 for another three years.

His son, Terry, was elected to a three-year term on the North Pole City Council (at the age of 20) in November, 1963. In 1966 he ran for Legislature, where he put in 10 years. He chalked up another four years as lieutenant governor (1978-1982). Terry Miller is deceased (April 13, 1989).

Little brother Mike Miller followed in dad's and brother Terry's footsteps when he was elected to the North Pole council in 1975 at age 24. He served three years. In 1980 Mike ran for and was elected to the Legislature, where he served for 18 years. He was appointed by Gov. Murkowski as commissioner of administration, a post he resigned to run for the Senate seat.

Add it all up and we get almost 60 years. But there's more. All three Millers (Con, Terry, and Mike) served as North Pole's representative on the borough assembly.

Check out this political oddity: father and sons served on the same councils at the same time. Con and Terry served together for three years (1963-66). Con and Mike were together on the same Council for one year (1978-79). You're right. Double duty by family members is not technically nepotism, but it's too cozy an arrangement.

Political enterprise? Cozy self-serving? Public service? You be the judge.

Kathleen Dalton


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