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Posted: Friday, August 20, 2004

... to leadership of DOT

I would like to say thank you to the leadership at the state Department of Transportation and the Alaska Marine Highway System for acting decisively to continue providing ferry service to Pelican and the other small market communities.

Once the ferry LeConte recovery was stabilized, there was an immediate commitment to restoring service to the communities that the Taku could not service due to inadequate dock facilities. It would have been easy to discontinue such service because union contractual language forbade contracting out this service to "non-union" boats. Was there a practical way to lay off Allen Marine crews and hire union crews unfamiliar with the Allen Marine catamarans? Not that I am aware of, and it would have put Allen Marine in the impossible position of laying off loyal employees.

The bottom line is that the state very appropriately acted in the best interests of the public; after all, each state agency exists to serve the public. I am confident that AMHS will continue to not only serve the small market communities, but to seek ways to provide more frequent service in a more efficient manner.

Norm Carson, president

Pelican Visitors Association

... to the fire departmentP>

Kudos to the Juneau fire department for its handling of Sunday's fire. In a situation that could have morphed into a conflagration, it did a great job of controlling the fire. The community owes it a debt of gratitude for a job well done.

Becky Bear



Thank you to the professional and volunteer men and women of the Juneau fire department for their heroic efforts to contain the unfortunate blaze this Sunday. Your tremendous work protected our businesses and the beautiful Valentine Building from devastation.

The tenants of the Valentine Building would like to sincerely thank Rich Etheridge, commander, Martin Beckner, division chief, Paul Smith, division chief, and all the firefighters of the Juneau fire department for doing a fantastic job in containing the Skinner building fire. Our hearts go out to those business owners who were directly affected. Without the fire department's expertise, we all know how much more devastating this could have been. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Tenants of the Valentine Building



This is to thank not only the fire fighters, police and rescue personnel for a job well done Sunday afternoon, but also to those who generously donated food and drinks to those working the fire line. Do not forget also, the Red Cross volunteers who helped the displaced citizens and visitors. It is nice to know you can count on your neighbors in a time of crisis. Thank you one and all.

Mary White


... for supporting firefighters

As the wife of a volunteer firefighter, I have to say that I was truly touched by the outpouring of support this community showed our fire department this weekend. While they were fighting the "Subway" building fire, local businesses and individuals began donating water, Gatorade, bagels, candy bars, pizza, sandwiches, etc. One business even left its restrooms open for the firefighters to use. The donations continued to pour in through the next day. Thank you, and way to go Juneau, for pulling together to support our firefighters.

Robyn L. Brobst


... for a successful camp

Girl Scout resident camp would not be complete without thanking the many hands and hearts that made it a safe and successful camp and a wonderful experience for 60 girls from all over Southeast Alaska.

First of all, the citizens of the CBJ made camp possible for Juneau girls through sales tax revenues translated into help from the Youth Activity grant. GSUSA brought together leadership girls and staff from outside of Juneau through funding from rural initiatives.

Transportation assistance came from TEMSCO, Coastal, Goldbelt Grayline-Holland America and Coca-Cola.

Behind-the-scenes people included Marvin and Teresa Newton, Kimberly Vaughan, the Lutz family, Debbie Lumba, Sondra Meredith, Curtis Jorgenson, Ursula Jones, Lupe and Doug Thompson, the Boy Scout Council, Western Auto and the congregation of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church.

Thank you to our incredible volunteer staff who made lasting memories for all of the girls: Kay Shoemaker, Carrie Heuberger, Rosemary Williams, Rebecca Gaugine, Marcia Sutter, Marianne Kondro, Janet Forbes, John Roa, Meredith Redfern, Patty Flint, Penny James, Debbie Maestas, Paula Walker, Debbie Huckabee, Betsy Sandberg, Krystal DeCourcey, Margaret Bard and Laurie Rothstein.

Finally, a special thank you to Tongass Alaska Girl Scout board members Gail Ford, Chrystal Smith, Susan Cox, Candy Brower and Mary Siroky for rolling up your sleeves and making the impossible, possible.

And to all of the Girl Scouts who came to camp and shared the best of times, let your wonderful summer memories keep you warm through the winter.

Kathy Buss


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