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Posted: Sunday, August 20, 2006

Juneau residents have an obligation, a responsibility, to vote on Tuesday. No excuses like "I forgot." Write it on the calendar - Tuesday, Aug. 22. "I don't know enough about the candidates or issues." Read the paper; listen to the radio; talk to people about it. "I'm not into politics; it's too partisan." Get involved, and change it in the ballot box.

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On Tuesday, Juneau has an obligation and choice. The obligation is to vote in the primary. Our choices from the 22nd on could be severely limited, or we could have some great candidates after the primary to share their visions of Alaska's future. We set the November choices by our participation in August - Tuesday, Aug. 22 to be exact.

Our choice for your consideration - John Binkley. The real contest Tuesday is on the Republican side. To vote for Binkley, you must request the Republican ballot. If you are registered nonpartisan, undeclared or Republican, you can request the Republican ballot. Nonpartisan, undeclared and Republicans make up the majority of Juneau voters. We can make the difference Tuesday if we turn out. Why do we recommend John Binkley for your consideration? There are a host of platitudes that are used to describe John Binkley: good family man, honest, ethical, good listener, great leader.

More specifically though, we think John Binkley relates to Juneau the best of all the candidates. Tourism and government are two of the main economic engines in Juneau. Binkley and his family run a river boat business in Fairbanks. He understands the economic and environmental consequences of the world of tourism. He served in the Alaska Legislature. He understands how government works. He staunchly supports the capital in Juneau. The outcome of this election will have long-lasting and far-reaching effects on the citizens of Juneau and Alaska. John is a third-generation Alaskan; he is from a region of the state, Fairbanks, that we always turn to when Juneau needs help. We think John Binkley will make an outstanding governor. Please join us in voting for John Binkley on Tuesday and moving him on to the November ballot.

Ken Koelsch and Cathy Munoz


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