Palin talks from both sides of her mouth

Posted: Sunday, August 20, 2006

In a recent advertisement in the Juneau Empire of Aug. 16, Sarah Palin offers "Straight Talk on Alaska's Capital," in which she says, "I support keeping the star on the map in Juneau, designating it as our capital city."

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It's time to look at the facts, and I invite all Southeast readers to access the Juneau Empire Internet archives for Jan. 25, 2002. There is a wonderful article by Kathy Dye, which gives you the true picture of Sarah Palin as a capital mover. It is entitled, "Candidate backs away from session relocation," and it provides wonderful quotes that Palin made shortly before she decided to run for lieutenant governor.

Let's let the candidate speak for herself: Regarding moving the Legislature out of Juneau, three months before she declared for state wide office, I quote the article, "Sarah told a Wasilla reporter working for KTOO-TV she supported the measure and that moving the session would serve the 'greater good' because it would make the session more accessible. Palin said she was not convinced a session move would adversely effect the economies of Southeast communities, including Juneau.

'I'm comfortable supporting this because I know Juneau has a strong, strong tourism industry.' Palin said on a nine-minute recording kept by KTOO-TV.'"

The article continues, "She went a step further, saying the measure would help Juneau because it would give more Alaskans access to the Legislature and thereby improve the laws that affect all residents.

'If moving the legislative session helps the laws that affect all of us, then I am a supporter of that.' Palin said."

Now, desperate to eke out a win in the Republican primary, Palin states in her advertisement, "Supporters of my opponents in the Republican primary have written letters and spread false rumors about my position on Alaska's capital." Where is the true Sarah Palin? She may have a pretty smile, but in the past, she has spoken out of both sides of her mouth.

If the former mayor of Wasilla is elected governor, Juneau may retain its "star" on the map, but that is the only sign of our capital city that will remain because in her own words, we have a "strong, strong tourism industry."

Allan D. Engstrom


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