Mine's footprint tiny

Posted: Sunday, August 20, 2006

I had the privilege to tour the Kensington mine site recently, and I have to say I was shocked. Shocked to see what all the fuss is about. For starters, the mine is virtually invisible as you approach it across Berners Bay. Upon arriving at Slate Cove we looked anxiously for the dock, which could only be recognized by the fact that a barge with a crane was sitting there. The cut through the trees is only 20 to 30 feet wide and all but invisible without scanning the entire shoreline inch by inch. This truly is a pristine wilderness, even though a major construction project is in progress.

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Once you get to the mine, you see that the footprint of the processing facilities is relatively compact and is surrounded by beautiful untouched forests. The mining itself takes place underground, so there's nothing to get worked up about on that point. I found myself asking the question, "Gee, what is SEACC all hot and bothered about?"

Whether you look at the dry, technical mine plans or go out and see the place up close, you come to the same conclusion. This is just a wonderful project for Southeast Alaska. My question for SEACC: What's wrong with wonderful?

Chuck Collins


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