Why aren't Alaska's U.S. representatives presumed innocent?

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007

Why are Alaska's U.S. senators and congressional representative not being given the basic rights of citizens of the United States? Are they guilty before any investigation is complete?

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The media is gleefully gloating over so-called raids. They have bashed our people unmercifully.

The motives behind some of the bashers needs to be examined, as well.

Sen. Ted Stevens, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Congressman Don Young have represented us well. It's when someone is getting things done that criticism starts; if someone is ineffective, no one is interested in what they do or don't do.

Aren't we, as U.S. citizens, presumed innocent until or unless a jury of our peers finds us guilty?

Now, shall we just sit and watch the witch hunts tear down these folks?

Our family is praying for strength and endurance for our representatives, and for the light of truth to shine on all, including the finger-pointers and bashers.

Bucky and Linda Bjorge


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