FBI has a reason to investigate Stevens, Rep. Don Young

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007

This is a response to Lew Williams Jr.'s tirade in the Empire on Aug. 13 ("Be wary of Alaska reps' 'show' trials").

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In his haste to assign blame for the troubles of Alaska's congressional delegation, Williams is holding responsible both the media (he didn't say who, but I'm sure it wasn't Fox News) and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. How strikingly odd!

It seems to me that a guy who calls himself a journalist with more than half a century of reporting experience in our great state would know that the FBI has to have more than a whim when it starts an investigation. I believe the FBI is part of the U.S. Department of Justice. I doubt any of those agents would run willy-nilly at the request of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. After all, the boss of the Justice Department is none other than Attorney General Alberto Gonzales - you know, that guy who has been tap-dancing and dodging and weaving before Congress for the past few months? He's George W. Bush's buddy.

I doubt Gonzales would order a raid on the home of a senator who was at one time third in line for the presidency. Maybe Gonzales was too busy to pay attention to what his troops were doing at the time. I think you can conjure up any scenario, but I don't believe you can blame the media or the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee unless you have solid proof.

I would like to offer my humble take on the subject: Bill Allen, a friend and buddy of all Alaska conservatives, is singing like a canary to keep himself from getting a longer jail sentence, and he is pointing fingers at Sen. Ted Stevens and Congressman Don Young.

Think about that, Mr. Williams.

Sylvia M. Carlsson


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