New kayak ramp is ruining the serenity of Eagle Beach

Posted: Monday, August 20, 2007

When I was little, I spent countless hours fishing with my family out just past Eagle Beach. I have camped there countless nights every year I have lived in Juneau.

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It was a gorgeous place to camp with a stream and great shore fishing. It was far enough away from the road, down a steep hill so that people didn't frequent it that often.

But now, with the construction of the new kayak ramp, it has turned into a party scene. I knew that with the construction of that kayak ramp it would be destroyed. Trash everywhere, up to five fires on the beach there at a time. Ropes tangled around trees. Trees cut down with chain saws, trash everywhere and table tops propped up on rocks. I removed at least 50 rocks that were caulked to a tree along with a rear view mirror for a shaving station.

I don't know what the thought process was to put a kayak ramp there. I have been out to the site several times this year and have yet to see anyone use it as a kayak launch. I guess the Forest Service or whoever built this site wasn't thinking about the fact there are a thousand other places to launch kayaks.

They have turned this pristine campsite into Sunshine Cove with every idiot that wants to grab a chain saw and cut a tree, shoot off guns and fireworks, and leave trash everywhere will come destroy it for everyone else.

I have no problem with chain saws or those who use them, just don't cut the trees leaving stumps all over this beautiful hideaway. I have never had a problem with others using the campsite as it is community property and everyone should have the opportunity to use it. But please, pick up your messes.

Shoot guns, use fireworks, use your chain saws on firewood and don't randomly cut trees at the campsite. But don't leave your trash along with a path of destruction.

The really sad thing is that one of two things will now happen. Either it will turn into Sunshine Cove, where when you camp you are three to five feet from your neighboring tent, or it will be shut down at 10 p.m. like Auke Village Recreation Area, Sandy Beach and Mendenhall Glacier. Either way, the poor treatment of this location will affect everyone that uses it.

Wade Hoek


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