'Cedar House' opens Friday
Locals don't usually have much reason to be envious of the tourists - apart from the fact that they are perpetually on vacation. But this summer, fans of Perseverance Theatre were no doubt chagrined to learn that a new play, "Cedar House," written by Ishmael Hope, was being performed four or five times a week at the Douglas Island venue for Cruise West passengers only. It didn't seem fair.

Tabor, Truax to perform songs both old and new
Songwriter Buddy Tabor may joke about the depressive nature of his songs, but audiences leave his performances with smiles on their faces.

Back to school in handcrafted style
As a preteen prepping for the first day of school, my jumble of raw emotions could only focus on two things; will they get my name right, and will I be just as cool as and totally different than everyone else? With a name like Tanna, first days were both thrilling and dreaded. Perhaps this would be the year I would not make a fool of myself in loud declaration of the fact that, "My name is TAAAN - NA, not Tanya!" or maybe for once I would have the new cool Trapper-Keeper that no one else could find in town.

The joys of discovering Semi-Precious Weapons
Do you remember Hedwig? Like many other Juneauites, I was seduced by Rory Stitt's performance as the washed-up transsexual glam rocker at the heart of "Hedwig & the Angry Inch," the rock opera named after the (fictional) singer and her band. So imagine my sheer joy upon discovering Semi-Precious Weapons and their lead singer, Justin Trantner, New York's newest ambisexual rock darlings.

'Pilgrim' benefits from expert casting
In Portland, Oregon, there is a small, independent comic book publisher called "Oni Press." Since 2004, writer Bryan Lee O'Malley has been producing a graphic novel called "Scott Pilgrim." Pilgrim, the novel's hero, is a 23-year old Canadian; he is a part-time bassist in a band with friends in Toronto called "Sex Bob-omb," and a part-time slacker. Pilgrim falls in love with an American girl named Ramona Flowers, a delivery girl for Amazon.

Russian celebration held in Sitka
White Nights, an annual celebration of Russian culture, takes place in Sitka this weekend in conjunction with the 2010 International Conference on Russian America. The conference, sponsored by the Sitka National Historical Park, will host scholars from around the world, and runs from Aug 19 through 21. White Nights, a music festival, will be held Friday night.

Juneau Student Symphony performs Friday
Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Gabrielli and Dusenbury will be among the composers featured at Friday's Juneau Student Symphony concert, held at noon at the State Office Building and again at 7 p.m. at the new covered basketball court at the Zach Gordon Youth Center.

JUMP festival begins tonight
The Juneau Underground Motion Picture Society's summer festival begins tonight at the Gold Town Nickelodeon, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 21. Tickets are available at Lucid Reverie, in the Emporium Mall down the hall from the theater. Admission is free but tickets are used to confirm available seating.

JDU class registration under way
Juneau Dance Unlimited is currently registering students for fall semester classes. The class schedule and registration forms are available at www.juneaudance.com. Classes begin Monday, Aug. 23.

Neo burlesque cabaret in town this weekend
Juneau native the Luminous Pariah brings the five-person theatrical collective Mod Carousel to Juneau this weekend for three cabaret-style shows at the Rendezvous.

'I am Juneau' dance party held Sunday
An "I am Juneau" music and dance party will be held this Sunday, Aug. 22, from 3-6 p.m. at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center. The event is sponsored by the Juneau Human Rights Commission, a body of seven members appointed by the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly.

JAHC announces season program
Juneau Arts & Humanities Council recently announced their 2010-2011 Performing Arts & Culture Concert Series, "From Our Roots We Soar."

AEL&P not opposed to customer intervention in rate case
Important information was left out of the article published Sunday, August 8th on the AEL&P rate case ("AEL&P seeks to limit participation in rate review"). The article erroneously implied that AEL&P was opposed to letting any customers intervene in the case. The article didn't tell readers AEL&P told the Regulatory Commission of Alaska it does not object to four of the leaders of the Juneau Peoples Power Project intervening in the case, including Bill Burk, who was quoted extensively in the article. AEL&P did not object to intervention by those four individuals from JPPP who could be identified from our records as customers.

Editorial cartoon crosses the line
The editorial cartoon in the Aug. 17 edition of the Empire attacking the Muslim faith marks a new low point in the drift of the Empire from a paper that used to support community and American values of tolerance, respect, and diversity to a right-wing rag that actively promotes the right's nasty and divisive agenda of hatred and intolerance.

Farewell, Ted
Farewell Ted Stevens. Whether intimately serving of self, or that of others, you'll always be honored as a gift and treasure for Alaska.

JPD investigating infant's death as a 'murder'
The Juneau Police Department is investigating Sunday's death of a 4-month-old Juneau girl as a murder, a sergeant with JPD said.

Fox News joins Congressman in blasting Census Bureau totem pole
A special totem pole commissioned by the U.S. Census Bureau has come under fire from Fox News and a Republican U.S. Congressman, both using the unusual Native outreach effort to attack the Bureau and the Obama administration.

Former JSD student advises district
Ax tóo yéi yatee. I have it in me. That's the message former Juneau School District student Crystal Rogers had for staff of the district at their Welcome Breakfast on Thursday.

Democrats face off for lieutenant governor
With strongly differing views on natural gas pipeline plans from the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor, and from the Republican candidates for lieutenant governor, the Democratic candidates for the state's second highest office are struggling to take any views at all.

School website hacked by global hacker group
For about half an hour Wednesday afternoon, if you were to go to the Juneau School District website you wouldn't have seen the colorful page with district information.

Stormwater swale project helps detect contaminants
A small project by the Juneau Watershed Partnership could lead to bigger future results for water cleanliness.

$71 million in local docks and harbors improvements in works
More than $71 million in improvements and reconstruction's are in the works for Juneau's docks and harbors in a race to rebuild the city's aging infrastructure before it sinks.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire reported:

Douglas Causeway garners questions, favorable response
Juneau and Douglas residents mostly aired support for the North Douglas Causeway project Wednesday evening at a presentation by the project's proponents.

SEARHC hospital scores high in satisfaction
SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium's Mount Edgecumbe Hospital scored 96 percent in patient satisfaction during a survey process early this summer.

Photos: Orientation day at JDHS
Alena Lamas, 16, and her brother, Luis, 14, check in with Cricket Curtain, activities admin assistant, during orientation day at Juneau-Douglas High School on Tuesday.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire reported:

Photo: Hands up, Simon said
Instructor Kathy McCasland leads students participating in the Boomerang Leadership Program in a game of "Simon Says" at Thunder Mountain High School on Thursday. Twenty-four juniors and seniors plus returning students involved with last year's program will be paired up with incoming freshmen students to help them make the adjustment to the new school.

The Juneau Empire was given incorrect information pertaining to the attorney for Senator Albert Kookesh during his subsistence trial. Kookesh's attorney is not Kirsten Swanson. Kookesh is being represented by Douglas attorney Tony Strong. Strong is representing all four defendants in the case.

Marvel Ann Boddy
A celebration of life has been scheduled for Marvel Ann Boddy, a Sitka resident since 1974.

Janice April Bean
Janice April Bean was born April 14, 1966 in Mt. Edgecombe hospital and was promoted to glory August 15, 2010 in Anchorage.

APOC sends message to Measure 1 proponents
The following editorial first appeared in the Anchorage Daily News:

Outside editorial: Obama, Petraeus in the same place on Afghanistan
The following editorial first appeared in the Dallas Morning News:

The comeback of the wolf
From the moment it was first reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park nearly 15 years ago, the gray wolf has been the subject of continual litigation. Last week's ruling by a federal district court requiring the United States to return gray wolves in Idaho and Montana to the federal list of threatened and endangered species is only the latest twist in the wolf's strange legal journey. It is made all the stranger by the fact that by every objective measure, the recovery of the wolf has been a stunning conservation success.

My turn: Misconceptions about funding, design of Douglas Crossing need to be cleared up
There is currently before the Assembly a proposal to ask voters to renew, for at least another decade, the one percent temporary sales tax that is due to expire in 2013, and to apply all of those sales tax proceeds to build a fill causeway at Sunny Point. A video presentation of the sponsors' rationale for this project can be found at a webpage created by Brad Fluetsch at http://vimeo.com/13020981.

Con: The US should declare the Afghan war unwinnable and withdraw troops
WASHINGTON - The Wikileaks "Afghan War Diary" documents the problems encountered by Afghans and the allied forces in 2004-2009. The war effort was under-resourced. Troops were spread too thin. Intelligence officers within our supposed ally Pakistan were actively assisting the Taliban.

Pro: The US should declare the Afghan war unwinnable and withdraw troops
COLUMBUS, Ohio - The July vote in the House of Representatives on funding the war in Afghanistan should have come as a wakeup call to the Obama administration. One hundred fourteen members of the House, mainly Democrats, voted to stop the physical and financial bleeding that the Afghanistan war is inflicting on the American taxpayer.

Collective cultivation
Brad Robbins wholeheartedly believes "if you build it, they will come."

Community invited to 2010 Harvest Fair
For the last 17 years, rain or shine, growers at Juneau's Community Garden have honored the germination, cultivation and harvesting of fruits, vegetables and flowers grown in the mostly organic beds that cover roughly three acres of land located at 5669 Montana Creek Road.

Insights into damsels and dragons
A few days ago, I stood beside a small pond, watching showy insects zoom around. There was a small blue damselfly, checking out the weeds in the shallows. And there were two of its larger dragonfly cousins: a couple of big darners and several smaller emeralds, so-named for the intensely green eyes and greenish body of mature adults.

Davis takes top nod at shooting match
Aug. 14 was not only a beautiful day for the Golden North Salmon Derby, but it was also a beautiful day for the monthly Juneau Gun Club's monthly registered shotgun meet. This month's meet was shot under the rules of the Amateur Trap Association (ATA of America) with cross-over allowed to the Pacific International Trap Association (PITA). Three events were fired in three classes of ability: A, B and C. The events were singles (the shot gunner is shooting at a moving clay bird released 16 yards from the shooter), handicap (the shot gunner is shooting at a moving clay bird released 20 to 27 yards from the shooter, depending on his/her class) and doubles (the shot gunner is shooting at two moving clay bird released in different directions 16 yards from the shooter).

On the hook
Big fish pics

Forest Explorer Programs at the Mendenhall Glacier
JUNEAU - Mendenhall Glacier Summer Forest Explorer Programs continue at 11 a.m. this Saturday and weekly through Sept. 25. Community members are invited to take advantage of this free opportunity to explore nature with Forest Service staff.

Annual SnowTRAC meeting Aug 26-27
ANCHORAGE - SnowTRAC will have an advisory meeting from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 26 and 27 in Suite 602 at the Atwood Building in Anchorage to discuss various SnowTRAC issues, as well as to review grant applications and trail grooming requests.

Recreational trails grant application period now open
ANCHORAGE - The Alaska State Trails Program has announced the 2011 Recreational Trails Grant Application period is now open. To view the updated application and learn more about the program, online to www.alaskastatetrails.org. The application period closes Nov. 15.

Teleconference option available for Sept. grant workshop
ANCHORAGE - The State Trails Office will be hosting a two-hour workshop focusing on the grant application process from 3-5 p.m. on Sept. 15 in Anchorage.

Sport Fish report
Juneau area: The Juneau Golden North Salmon derby wrapped up on Sunday night, with an estimated total of 233 Chinook salmon harvested (36 percent below the recent five-year average of 364 fish) and 5,480 coho salmon harvested (60 percent above the recent five-year average of 3,418 fish). In terms of derby entered numbers only (i.e., excluding derby take-home fish), preliminary numbers show 125 Chinook salmon were entered (54 percent below the recent five-year average of 270 fish) and 3,392 coho salmon were entered (33 percent above the recent five-year average of 2,554 fish).

Today, Aug. 20

Boy injured in accidental shooting on Noatak River
NOATAK - A 13-year-old boy is recovering from an accidental gunshot wound near Noatak.

Aleutian fishing may be curbed to help sea lions
ANCHORAGE - The North Pacific Fisheries Management Council is holding a special meeting this week in Anchorage on protecting the endangered Steller sea lion.

Comparable money left in GOP governor's race
JUNEAU - It's a tight money race in the Alaska GOP governor's race.

Alaska stands to benefit from broadband dollars
JUNEAU - Alaska is set to share in a new round of federal stimulus money for broadband projects around the country.

Trucano wins contract to build breakwater at Douglas Island
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a contract worth more than $600,000 to Juneau's Trucano Construction to build a floating breakwater at the small boat harbor on Douglas Island.

Plane crash survivor released from hospital
ANCHORAGE - One of four people who survived the plane crash in which former Sen. Ted Stevens was killed last week has been released from an Anchorage hospital.

Anchorage Assembly may restrict insider jobs
ANCHORAGE - The Anchorage Assembly is considering a measure that would prohibit city officials from taking a city job within a year after leaving office.

Legendary Chugiak bush pilot killed in crash
ANCHORAGE - The Chugiak man killed in the crash of his Piper Super Cub near McGrath was known as a legendary bush pilot and outlaw hunter.

Turnagain Arm Trail reopens after bear scare
ANCHORAGE - The Turnagain Arm Trail at Anchorage has been reopened, but signs warn users to remain alert for bears.

Parnell signing refuge, fishermen bills
ANCHORAGE - Gov. Sean Parnell is signing a land exchange bill to designate certain state land and waters part of the Izembek State Game Refuge.

Anchorage man sentenced for 2008 assault
ANCHORAGE - A 24-year-old Anchorage man has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for assaulting an unconscious soldier two years ago.

State confirms 2 salmonella cases
JUNEAU - The state of Alaska has confirmed at least two cases of salmonella matching the strain tied to recalled eggs, a health department spokesman said Thursday.

Anchorage Assembly drops liquor ID requirement
ANCHORAGE - The Anchorage Assembly voted Tuesday night to remove a requirement that a Brown Jug liquor store check the identifications of all customers.

JDHS softball coach Massey honored by NFCA
Juneau-Douglas softball coach Dave Massey was selected Wednesday as the West Region Coach of the Year by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association after steering the Crimson Bears to Alaska's large-schools state championship.

Juneau prep football teams aiming for 3-0
There has been only one football force in Juneau over the last 20 years, but now fans have the chance to watch two local prep teams attempt to build on undefeated seasons.

Back on the ice
Now that Treadwell Arena is open for business again following the summer months, it's time to play some hockey in the capital city.

Bears-Moose rivalry continues
Players never have a problem coming ready to play when the Crimson Bears clash with the Moose, but the stakes are even higher this time around.

Falcons look to go 3-0
Thunder Mountain is on the rise in just its second year after opening with two straight wins, and the Falcons have no plans of taking a step back in Week 3.

Photo: JDHS volleyball alumni game
Juneau-Douglas' Daffodil Alinson goes up for a kill against two alumni defenders Thursday during the Crimson Bears alumni game at JDHS. Check next Friday's Empire sports section for TMHS and JDHS season previews.

Superior Court denies Kookesh's motion to dismiss subsistence fishing violations
State Sen. Albert Kookesh had his motion to dismiss charges for fishing in excess of his State of Alaska subsistence-use salmon permit denied by Superior Court Judge David George on Tuesday in Sitka, paving the way for a trial next month.

E-mails reveal state, federal division over predator control measures
ANCHORAGE - E-mails obtained by The Associated Press reveal a fissure that turned into a divide between federal and state wildlife managers over a plan to kill wolves in a national refuge in Alaska.

Dozens of dignitaries attend Stevens' funeral
ANCHORAGE - Vice President Joe Biden recalled that when he was new to the Senate and had just lost his wife and daughter in a car accident, Ted Stevens walked over to him and offered his friendship.

Strong GOP personalities seek low-profile office
ANCHORAGE - Two Republican front-runners vying to become Alaska's next lieutenant governor are such forceful personalities, voters might wonder why they're seeking a low-profile job instead of the top elected office.

Voters to decide parent notification measure
ANCHORAGE - Alaska voters will decide Tuesday whether a parent or guardian must be notified if a pregnant girl under 18 seeks an abortion.

Primary losses blunt Palin's 'mama grizzly' claws
WASHINGTON - It's been a summer of setbacks for Sarah Palin. Candidate "cubs" endorsed by the Mama Grizzly in Chief have been suffering a recent string of primary election losses.

Anchorage audit faults former mayor, assembly
ANCHORAGE - An independent audit examining Anchorage's financial matters during former Mayor Mark Begich's last months in office faults both Begich and the assembly.

Soldiers report to Anchorage schools
ANCHORAGE - A new partnership between the Anchorage School District and U.S. Army Alaska will add a military presence to local schools.

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