AEL&P not opposed to customer intervention in rate case

Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010

Important information was left out of the article published Sunday, August 8th on the AEL&P rate case ("AEL&P seeks to limit participation in rate review"). The article erroneously implied that AEL&P was opposed to letting any customers intervene in the case. The article didn't tell readers AEL&P told the Regulatory Commission of Alaska it does not object to four of the leaders of the Juneau Peoples Power Project intervening in the case, including Bill Burk, who was quoted extensively in the article. AEL&P did not object to intervention by those four individuals from JPPP who could be identified from our records as customers.

Prior RCA decisions have established standards that must be met by "ratepayer groups" to intervene in a case. Those include having a legal structure that ensures the group's leaders represent the wishes of its members, the group is not merely an instrument of its leaders, and the group can be held legally and financially accountable for its conduct in the proceeding.

While AEL&P would prefer to deal with a single entity representing the individual filers, rather than multiple individuals, it does not appear that JPPP meets the required standards. AEL&P does not oppose customer participation, which is why AEL&P did not oppose intervention by Burk and three other JPPP leaders. The RCA will ultimately decide which of the petitioning groups and individuals will become formal parties in the case.

Gayle Wood


• Editors note: Wood is AEL&P's Director of Consumer Affairs. The Empire stands by its reporting of the story.

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