Farewell, Ted

Posted: Friday, August 20, 2010

Farewell Ted Stevens. Whether intimately serving of self, or that of others, you'll always be honored as a gift and treasure for Alaska.

The jury may still be out on some of your less-than-benevolent protégés, however. The corruption that results of an ideology engendered around profit-motivated oil extraction can produce many public figures of such ilk. Even some public figures supposedly on the political left.

That corruption, service to self above others, is the Democrats' gubernatorial challenge in the upcoming primary. For the essential truth of human development, self-service must stay subservient to public service. Though we can expect this derivation of the eternal conflict to be the ultimate question in the November general election, in Alaska's primaries, being a Democrat in name doesn't automatically infer left-leaning thought behind a politician's behavior.

Only true left-leaning thought recognizes most of us are not out to game the system, therefore, most won't benefit from private control of public goods.

Hollis French understands this in Alaska. He, as our proxy to the nation and world, might free us of those who find lessons from Ted less than altruistic.

John S. Sonin


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